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Cattery policy | Langlifis ok Heilla

The purpose of Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery “Langlifis Heilla” is to breed healthy, stable and social cats.

Kitten policy | Langlifis ok Heilla

Our kittens grow up in a familiar atmosphere, with a lot of attention, care and love. This makes them social and well balanced animals.

Our kittens carry with them:

*NEOCAT Pedigree
*European passport
*Health information book
*Kitten package

Naturally, our kittens are 3 times dewormed, 2 times vaccinated and have an identification chip.

What we expect:

When we sell a kitten we work with a contract in which the rights and obligations of both the breeder and the new owner are included. This contract can be obtained in advance from us.

We only sell a kitten after a personal meeting and only to people seriously interested we deem appropriate for our kittens. Our kittens can not walk freely outside. If you are considering this do not ask us for a kitten. For our kittens we are looking for homes that have a garden / run or other type of defined area where they can play. Our Norwegians are very social and we find it very important to have a roommate that can be another cat, dog or person! Also, we also reserve the right to sell a kitten only to whom we feel suitable.


From the age of five weeks, you are welcome to get acquainted with your new roommate(s) knowledge.

Our kittens can move on from the age of 13/14 weeks.

Every week we will keep you updated with new pictures on our website.

For any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

There are many ways to get in contact with us. We’ll be happy to give you any informations about our cats and kittens by telephone or email